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Open : 9:00~    Closed: Sunday and National holiday


[NEW Chair massage started]
The salon started chair massage. You can easily receive a massage on the shoulder, neck, back and head.
It is cheap value than bed massage. Please try with a trial or a short massage.

[‘Massage on location’ 30% discount until the end of June]
If you use during the period, ’massage on location’ can be used with the 30% OFF also after July♪
Do you want to massage at your company or at home?
Please click ‘Massage on location’ on the Home screen♪


[NEW Monta Merits changed]
We changed the merit of Monta as follows.
【Massage of more than 40 minutes, you will get a discount by the following conditions】
– If you come again by the next week from your last visit, you will get a €10 discount.
– If you come again by the end of the next month from your last visit, you will get a €5 discount.
– On your birthday month, you will get a 3 times the points and € 10 discount.

[Monta Card] 1 point for every 20 minutes, If you collect 20 points you will get a €10 discount.

*Discount can not be combined. However, it is possible to combine the Merits with the Monta Card full discount.
*Monta’s Merits only apply by Phone bookings or reservations from the salon website.

[Notice of holidays and changes on business hours]
We are closed the following days.
March 30
April 2, 27, 30
May 1, 2, 3, 10, 21

We are changes business time on the following days.
The salon will open on April 14th from 14: 00 to 21: 00.
We will open the salon on May 5 Bevrijdingsdag as usual. 9: 00 to 21: 00
Thank you for your understanding.

[We will participate in PURE MARKT on the following Sunday]
We will do a chair massage for a short time. We will give you 20% discount voucher to those who received a massage at the market.

June 10

May 6
July 22
September 23

For details of PURE MARKT click below. Please enjoy a nice market♪



Reservations by phone or through the website.
During a massage, we cannot answer the phone. We will phone you unless it is not an anonymous call(Call within business hours).

If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before booking a massage.

Please call or email us at any time for more information.

Bel: 06-21415220

Address: Amsterdamseweg 174, 1182 HK Amstelveen The Netherlands
Tel: 06 2141 5220
We are responding within business hours.