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Monta Merrit changed
We changed one of Monta’s merits.

Old: If you come again until one week from your last visit, you will get a €10 discount.(within 7 days)

↓                    ↓                    ↓

New: If you come again by the next week from your last visit, you will get a €10 discount.

Please feel free to use Monta massage.


Address: Amsterdamseweg 174, 1182 HK Amstelveen

The phone number, website address and email address changed
New homepage address:
New email address:

Phone number is only 06 2141 5220.

Reservations by phone or through the website.
During a massage, we cannot answer the phone. We will phone you unless it is not an anonymous call(Call within business hours).

If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before booking a massage.

Gift cards available
Would you like to give a gift card to your family or friends as a present?
20 minute~ €20~

Please call or email us at any time for more information.

Bel: 06-21415220