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Massage on location

We’ll come and visit anywhere in the Netherlands.
If you cannot leave the house, come to the salon, or those who want to refresh in the office, please feel free to call us. We will bring a folding bed or massage chair. We well come and visit anywhere in the Netherlands.


Massage at home or office  
It is possible to used from one person to several people.

60 min € 100
90 min € 130
120 min € 160
150 min € 190
180 min € 220
210 min € 250
240 min € 280

PIN can be used.
By a massage on location the Monta Mertis are applicable.

Visit cost will be added separately to the above rates.
We will charge the shortest distance from our salon to your address, by Google Maps.
For example: distance salon till address customer 5 km = € 5,-

We will come by car. If parking fee occurs, we will charge separately.

We will bring a folding bed or massage chair. 1.5m×2.5m space is necessary for the massage.
Since there is only one masseur, in cases of reservations for 2 or more people, there will be some waiting time. Thank you for your understanding.

Please inform us your address, desired date and time by the SMS message, WhatsApp or email to salon.

If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before booking a massage.

06 2141 5220

Address: Amsterdamseweg 174, 1182 HK Amstelveen The Netherlands
Tel: 06 2141 5220