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【NEW】Massage on location

Cost and content changed
We will visit your home, office and hotel with yoga mat or massage chair.

Price per person (once):
Amsterdam “South from Zuid station (highway A10)” / Amstelveen
60 minutes € 65
90 minutes € 95
120 minutes € 120
150 minutes € 145
180 minutes € 165

Price per person (once):
Amsterdam “North from Zuid station (highway A10)” / Uithoorn / Aalsmeer
60 minutes € 70
90 minutes € 100
120 minutes € 130
150 minutes 155
180 minutes € 180

Transportation fee and parking fee are included.
PIN can be used.

Monta merits are applied for location massage.
Please contact us for other areas.

[How to make a reservation]
Please contact the salon and let us know the following. First, we will judge the possibility of visiting.

Your area
Your desired date and time
Massage fraction

If massager visit is possible, please send us your address including postcode by mobile phone message, WhatsApp or email .

Please understand that waiting time will arise as it becomes a massage one by one when using for 2 people or more.
If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before booking a massage.

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Tel: 06 2141 5220