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Massage in the salon

Body, Foot Head, Facial, Mix
Please choose your favorite massage.

10min ~ € 10 ~
For every extra 10 minutes, an additional €10.
20 min € 20
30 min € 30
40 min € 40
50 min € 50
60 min € 60
70 min € 70

80 min € 75
90 min € 85
100min €95
120min €110


Body (with oil / without oil) From 20 minutes to 90 minutes 
We can massage your whole body or focus on certain areas, depending on what you would like.

Foot From 10 minutes to 80 minutes 
A massage ranging from around the knees to your toes, using oil. For the soles of your feet, you can choose to have a firm massage or a gentle one. We can massage your calves according to the amount of pressure you want.

Head 10 minutes / 20 minutes
We will massage your head and around the neck. We can also focus on a certain area.

Facial From 20 minutes to 40 minutes 
While we use oil, we will gently massage your face.
Cleansing → Facial → Head massage

Mix From 30 minutes to 120 minutes 
With the Mix massage you can combine everything you want, from you body, to your feet, head and facial, this is up to you. Please choose the massage you would like to receive in the mood at that time.

PIN can be used.

Reservations by phone or through the website.
During a massage, we cannot answer the phone. We will phone you unless it is not an anonymous call.

If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before booking a massage.

Please check information page on salon website for details of our business information.

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