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About us

Monta massage in Amstelveen
By delicately massaging the muscles, we provide a relaxing & refreshing experience.
You can simply enjoy a Monta massage as a reward for yourself.

Monta’s massage cannot be classified. He has studied acupuncture and moxibustion in Japan and further developed his skills while working at osteopathy clinics and massage salons.
Would you like to experience a massage that combines these various skills?

Monta (Mototake Ozeki)
Japanese acupuncturist

How do people become healed?
People do not get ‘healed’ simply by one treatment.
Good treatment, placebo effect, natural healing, and unpredictable influences (like psychological factors) all contribute to the recovery process. So I can never say ‘I will fix your body’, but I will provide a soothing massage to relieve both your stress and physical symptoms.

<Merits of Monta salon>
Massage of more than 60 minutes, you will get a discount by the following conditions.
・If you make a reservation for two and both people receive a massage sequentially, both will get a €5 discount.
・If you come again by the next week from your last visit, you will get a €10 discount.
・If you come again by the end of the next month from your last visit, you will get a €5 discount.
・We offer Monta Card. On your birthday month, you will get double points.

*Discount cannot be combined.
*Monta’s Merits only apply by phone bookings or reservations from the salon website.

Please check information page on salon website for details of our business information.